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When was the last time you gave your resume a thorough once-over? And when was it that you looked through and added more information to the skills section on your resume? If you answer is “it has been a while”, you need to do something about this. The skills that you possess at this point in time will not remain the same forever. They will be polished and built upon as you use them repeatedly. And new ones will be added as you gain more experience. If you leave the skills section of your resume “stationary”, you will lose out on many job opportunities, because the hiring manager will believe what you have written as your skills.

Everyone has at least one skill that he or she is proud of and can use to impress the employer. Mostly, people have more than one skill. Your communication abilities are your skills, your capability of handling problems is another one, and so is your competence in handling more than one customer at a time. Apart from all these, you need to be able to convince the employer that you have additional skills that come under the “work-related” category.

A store worker for instance, will write the following statements as skills in his resume:

Sample Skills for Store Worker Resume

• Hands-on experience in stocking merchandise on shelves by following established company protocols

• Adept at rotating merchandise to ensure their freshness and sale dates

• Demonstrated expertise in providing customers with assistance in locating and choosing products by providing them with directional assistance

• Exceptionally well-versed in demonstrating product features and providing information of benefits, in a bid to assist customers in making buying decisions

• Deep familiarity with loading and unloading merchandise to and from delivery trucks and examining them for damages and conformity standards

• Proven record of moving designated merchandise categorized and “layaway” from the store to storerooms or warehouses

• Competent in ensuring that all merchandize documentation is in order, and that any causes for concern are communicated to the supervisor

• Qualified to operate standard cash registers and complex POS systems to process both cash and credit card transactions

• Adept at following all cash handling procedures according to established company guidelines and protocols, including register ring-up, locking register drawers and opening and closing procedures

• Deep insight into permitted ways of straightening stock, organizing and pulling color rations and replenishment of merchandise

• Proven ability to overseeing and maintaining inventory of stock items and alerting supervisors on time, in the event of a low stock situation

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