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A majority of employers these days ask candidates to furnish their resumes with a cover letter when applying for a position as an Outreach Worker. While some candidates find the task really simple, others take it as an extra burden. In truth, it is not a very difficult task to write a cover letter, but making it effective is quite challenging. Anyone can write a few lines explaining their resume but that is not what a cover letter is about.

Outreach Worker cover letters not only introduce the candidate as viable and employable but also convince the employer that this is the perfect candidate they are seeking. Employer’s job requirements and the organizational norms must be kept in mind in this regard. It is crucial to show your motivation and interest in the job while also convincing the employers that you possess the potential to do justice with the job demands.

Below is an outreach worker cover letter sample for further guidance in this regard.


Outreach Worker Cover Letter Sample


Edward Marshall

732 Everest Lane • Knoxville, TN 78331 • (003) 444 – 5555 • edward . marshall @ email . com

June 8, 2015

Mr. Daniel Wesley
HR Manager
82 Sunset Square
Knoxville, TN 78331


Dear Mr. Wesley:

I was excited to learn about your need of an outreach worker since I possess the exact qualifications you have demanded for the role plus some additional strengths that will definitely come in handy at BRIDGEWAY.

My academic credentials include a bachelor’s degree in human services which has provided the foundation for my extensive professional experience as an outreach worker. I have been serving various organizations in similar capacity for the past 6 years. This experience has amply provided me with the opportunity to learn about vulnerable populations, social security procedures and court systems.

My professional expertise is outlined below for your convenience:

• Well versed in case registration and handling
• Apt at youth counselling and social studies based research
• Track record of devising and supervising numerous successful reintegration programs
• Proven ability to coordinate various cases with corresponding agencies
• Skilled in identifying people in need of help, approaching them and referring them to various reintegration programs according to their needs

In addition, I possess strong communication Interpersonal skills along with and a highly social disposition and ability to win trust of others quickly.

I would welcome an opportunity to discuss my qualifications regarding the role in further detail. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact me at (003) 444 – 5555 or edward . marshall @ email . com. I will follow up this application coming Friday.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Edward Marshall

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