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You cannot get away with writing a simply worded cover letter. While it is advisable to make your cover letter “understandable”, it is also important to put a little oomph in it.

How? Well, writing a straightforward cover letter is no fun for a hiring manager when he or she sees one.

Electrical Line Worker cover letters need to have a little spice in them for them to really reach out to a hiring manager.

It is important to understand just what purpose a cover letter serves, before you make an attempt to write one. Basically, it is the job of a cover letter to make sure that your qualifications and abilities for a job are communicated to a prospective employer. If you are able to do this successfully through a cover letter, there is a great chance that you will be shortlisted for the job.

To see how standout cover letters are written, refer to the sample below:


Electrical Line Worker Cover Letter Sample



326 Cloverdale Street
Providence, RI 85474

September 9, 2017

Mr. Howard Jones
Human Resource Manager
Ace Power Company
902 Charles Avenue
Providence, RI 90058


Dear Mr. Jones:

With great enthusiasm and excitement, I invite you to review the enclosed resume for the position of an Electrical Line Worker. I am positive that once you have been through my profile, you too will agree (as I am convinced) that I am the best person to hire at this position.

Safety is the most important thing for me, in my role as an electrical line worker. Making sure that poles, cross arms, pins, insulators and transformer racks are properly and safely installed, removed and maintained as per schedule, is my vocation. I am well-versed in performing switching services, handling paralleling work, and installing and maintaining circuit systems, along with operating underground and overhead distribution system, by making good use of rubber and synthetic insulation materials.

I demonstrated expertise in routing and rerouting power lines over, under, and around existing lines and structures, ensuring minimum service downtime. My ability to perform emergency repairs and handle load checks and balances, along with my exceptional work ethic and my perfect attendance record will contribute to the success of your organization.

I believe that once you have met with me in person, it will be easier to gauge how well-suited I am for an electrical line worker position at Ace Power Company. To set up a meeting time, I will contact you next week.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.



Paul Brown

(000) 444-8547

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