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The importance of objectives on an animal care resume cannot be undermined. Objectives give resumes a definition – an opening that is conclusive in nature and communicates to the reader. These openings will never go out of fashion because beginning your resume with “concrete” information is not the right thing to do. Objectives pose as ice breakers and it is important to write them so that the reader knows what to expect from the rest of the resume.

Resume objectives do have a format though. You cannot write just anything in a resume objective and pass it off as correct. The purpose of writing one is not only to break the ice but also to communicate to the reader what an employee is capable of. These two or three liners need to be specific and selfless – you cannot write a resume objective that concentrates on you only. It should concentrate on your abilities and how you can use them to benefit the employer.

Here is a sample of a resume objective that is selfish and should not be used:

Looking for a position as an Animal Caretaker at The Vets where I can develop my knowledge of veterinary care.

Notice that this sounds like the applicant wants to be hired only so that he can brush up his own skills. What is in it for the employer? Nothing! Will a person be hired if he writes a resume objective such as the one given above? No way!

Here are examples of simple and selflessly written objectives for animal care resumes:

Sample Objectives for Animal Care Resume

• Looking for a position as an Animal Caretaker at The Vets, using demonstrated expertise in handling domestic animals by employing physical care to ensure their wellbeing.

• Seeking an Animal Caretaker position at The Hounds by employing exceptional knowledge of caring for pets by ensuring their physical and emotional comfort through provision of excellent animal care.

• Desire an Animal Caretaker position at Pets R Us. Offering in-depth knowledge of examining animals for possible diseases and administering medication to them.

• To obtain a position as an Animal Caretaker at Basket Cases using documented success in diagnosing animal discomfort, restraining them for check-ups and preparing for surgical procedures.

• To work as an Animal Caretaker for Prodigy Pets by virtue of familiarity in restraining animals for examination purposes, administering medication and providing an environment conducive to love and care.

• Looking for an Animal Caretaker position at West Bee Shelter. Enthusiastic to apply knowledge of animal anatomy, anesthesia administration and vital signs management to ensure the physical wellbeing of animal residents.

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