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2 decades ago, it was not a big deal to write a Sterile Processing Technician cover letter that was sparse. Now, it is. A cover letter that does not fulfill its purpose is not given any type of consideration.

In fact, it is considered to be poorly managed, and dumped in the nearest bin.

How does one make sure that this situation does not transpire with one’s cover letter?

It is quite simple. As the world is changing, so should we. Where cover letters are concerned, it is imperative to be attentive to the needs of a hiring manager. Writing a cover letter just for the sake of it doesn’t cut it. It is up to you to make sure that your cover letter is given due credit.

Keep as close to the job description that a hiring manager has provided in the advertisement, and you can be sure that your cover letter will rock. Here is a sample:



Sterile Processing Technician Cover Letter Example



November 1, 2017

Mr. Steven Young
Human Resource Manager
Healthcare Systems Inc.
788 Hampshire Road
Brandon, MS 52412


Dear Mr. Young:

As a proactive sterile processing technician, with over 6 years of experience in handling decontamination processes, and sterilizing of reusable equipment, my joining will translate into great benefits for Healthcare Systems Inc. By hiring me, you can rest assured that all your needs for handling sterilizing processes within both surgical and examination capacities, will be managed in a timely and efficient manner.

My present employer, United Surgical Partners International, greatly values my contribution to the facility, owing to demonstrated expertise in handling a wide array of duties, including receiving, sorting, decontaminating, and cleaning surgical and medical items.

Having established the fact that I am hands-on in many areas, such as inspecting and preparing surgical items for sterilization, and reporting defective materials, instruments and equipment, I will be an instant credit to your facility. Moreover, my skills in utilizing indicators and controls to handle sterilization processes are quite well-honed, allowing me to perform my work duties in a manner that tops expectations.

I am sure that once you have met with me in person, you will also agree that I will be a great contributor to your facility, if hired as a sterile processing technician. To further elaborate on this, I will call you within the coming week. Until then, please feel free to call me at  if required.




Ian Hardy

(000) 475-4512

Attachment. resume

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