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The job application process is teamwork. How? Well, a resume cannot do everything alone. The cover letter has to help it navigate the difficult road that leads to the interview stage. Opting not to write a cover letter is perhaps not a great idea. In fact, when you leave out the cover letter, you are stopping the hiring manager from gaining important information about you – information that he must have so that he can decide that you are a good person to hire at his company.

Fortunately, cover letters for sewing technician position are not difficult to write. On the contrary, they can be quite a lot of fun. How? You get to analyze yourself deeply, discovering all that you are worth – and more. They give you confidence in yourself, making you strive harder. A cover letter that is akin to the sample given below is sure to give a hiring manager something to think about:


Sewing Technician Cover Letter Sample


February 4, 2017

Mr. John Kennedy
Human Resource Manager
Bigelow Aerospace Ltd.
960 Date Palm Road
Seaford, DE 46456


Dear Mr. Kennedy:

Over the past 9 years, I have had quite a vast exposure to operating and maintaining a wide variety of industrial / commercial sewing machines. From manual sewing machines to those requiring little human intervention, I am a pro at all. By virtue of this experience, I would like to offer my services as a sewing technician at Bigelow Aerospace Ltd., an organization that I hold in high esteem due to its excellent reputation.

As an experienced sewing technician, I have worked with many different types of machines, including blind-stitch machines, button sewers, cover hem machines, double, triple and single thread ones, and zig zag portable sewing machines. Since I have worked mostly in an industrial setting, I am aware of the demands that are placed on sewing technicians as far as work load and deadlines are concerned. And I can safely claim that I have never been a source of anguish for my supervisor in either of these areas.

Some of the areas that I am especially well-versed in include:

? Machine Setup
? Health and Safety Rules
? Production Runs
? Troubleshooting and Repair
? Calibration
? Quality Maintenance

My most recent and cherished accomplishment is accepting a large sewing order for leather jackets, which was supposed to be completed in a week’s time – and which was completed in 6 days flat, earning the company a great reputation with the client. As a hardworking individual, you can expect a lot more from me than merely meeting deadlines. I can highlight my abilities more in a personal meeting with you, to set up which, I will contact you soon.



John Lee

(000) 854-7441

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