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Do you know that trying to calm yourself down right before an interview can actually result in increased anxiety? Well, it is true. The more you tell yourself “It’s okay”, the more your mind will scream “No! It’s not!” But there is a way to counter this. Mind over matter is the key. Train yourself not to think of the interview as the end-all-and-be-all of everything. If you don’t do well in this interview, you will have other opportunities.

But we know that laboratory technician interviews hold a lot of importance and despite telling ourselves that we shouldn’t fret, that is exactly what we end up doing. So what we need to do is to stop being self-critical. If you don’t believe in yourself, you will exude an aura of doubtfulness that is hardly positive. And the interviewer will pick up on this, which means you have lost the battle.

Here are two tips that you should follow if you want your interview to be successful:

Connect with the hiring manager in a positive manner: It is not important to provide all the right answers but it is imperative to be liked. Converse instead of making it seem as if you are answering a question in the conventional manner.

Understand the business objectives of the company: You must research what you will be evaluated on before you appear for the interview. Understand your potential role and that of your employer – who will most probably be interviewing you.

As a laboratory technician, you will be asked some or all of the questions below:

Laboratory Technician Interview Questions and Answers

What is your single characteristic that makes you a qualified laboratory technician?
I am highly-disciplined and extremely detail-oriented, both of which work hand in hand to get laboratory work going. I believe that this is one characteristic that qualifies me for this position.

What are some of the important work duties that you perform in a laboratory technician role?
Setting up laboratory equipment, carrying out risk assessments, collecting and analyzing samples, preparing solutions and cultures and recording data are some of the prime duties of a laboratory technician.

What does working in a team environment entail in this position?
Working in a laboratory is often not a sole person’s job. One has to understand projects, comprehend their purpose, divide responsibilities, work separately on each module and then compare results. It is completely a teamwork in its true essence.

Give us examples of a few administrative tasks associated with a laboratory technician’s work.
A laboratory technician does not only perform tests in a lab setting. He or she also maintains laboratory records, inventory of supplies and ensures that work areas are kept clean and sanitized.

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