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Sealing the deal after an interview is important and the best thing that you can do to make sure that this does happen is to write a thank you letter. A thank you letter serves as a follow up and this gesture impacts an interviewer’s decision making process.

A thank you letter does not only show your enthusiasm for the position for which you have been interviewed for, but also allows you to reiterate why you are the best candidate for the position. It is best to send a thank you letter within 24 hours of the interview for it to have the desired impact. Later than this may result in the interviewer forgetting who you are – remember that one interviewer meets dozens of candidates in a day and it is difficult to remember one from another!

When writing a thank you / follow-up letter after teaching assistant interview, do not slip into informalities. While you may have gotten along splendidly with the person who interviewed you, he is hardly a friend. Using text language or an informal tone may actually have the opposite effect. Refrain at all costs. If you have been interviewed by more than one person, make sure that you send a thank you letter to each one of them, provided you are aware of their names and designations.

For a thank you letter after an interview for a teacher assistant position, have a look at the following sample:


Teacher Assistant Thank You Letter after Interview


Lara Jacobson
323 Wellington Street
Fredrick, MD 22323
(000) 898-6765
Lara @ email . com

December 19, 2015

Ms. Erin Bowman
Imagine Early Learning Center
56 Carriage Hill Road
Fredrick, MD 21750


Dear Ms. Bowman:

It was a pleasure to meet with you yesterday in teacher assistant’s interview. I truly enjoyed learning about a teacher assistant’s role at Imagine Early Learning Center. Now that I am clearer about the role, I am more confident in my abilities to contribute to the job.

As I mentioned during the interview, I have considerable experience working with preschoolers. While I worked primarily in assistantship roles, I have handled a preschoolers’ class for an entire month in the absence of a lead teacher. Developing programs of learning activities and adapt appropriate materials is my niche. Additionally, I have been actively involved in handling special needs students by actively, compassionately and thoroughly determining their varying needs and take all possible measures to make them comfortable.

I look forward to working for Imagine Early Learning Center by contributing not just the benefit of my experience but also my insights into child development. Thank you for taking out the time to interview me. I anticipate another meeting soon.



Lara Jacobson

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