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Letters of intent are written in different ways, depending on the situation that they are being written for. For instance, a letter of intent for a property deal will include legal jargon, a subject matter and probably many bullet points, outlining the terms and conditions of the deal.

A teaching aide letter of intent for teacher aide position is also written to apply for a job. In such as case, it is used as a cover letter that has not been advertised publicly. So basically, a letter of intent (or letter of interest as it is sometimes called) is an applicant’s way of finding out if a possible opportunity can arise within an organization.

The content of a letter of intent in this case is not much different from that of a standard teacher aide cover letter. In most standard cover letters, you mention where you heard about the open position – job advertisements, online job portals and referrals are common avenues. In a letter of intent, there is no source for this information, so you are basically hitting an arrow in the dark.

What is the efficacy of looking for a job like this? It is a brilliant idea to write a letter of intent! The company might not want to advertise an opening publically, but may still need to hire someone. And you can hit that jackpot!

Here is a sample letter of intent for a teacher aide position:


Sample Letter of Intent for a Teacher Aide Position


Bonnie Madison
98 N. 5th Street
Waukee, IA 10784
(000) 555-3421
bonnie @ email . com

September 2, 2015

Mr. Scott Digger
La Petite Academy
88 Booneville Road
Waukee, IA 12012


Dear Mr. Digger:

Please take a moment to review my resume for a teacher aide position at La Petite Academy. As an experienced teacher aide, with a strong background in supporting and maintaining student care programs in accordance to curriculum directives, I believe that my candidacy will be of interest to you.

At this time, I am writing to inquire if there is an open position that I can fit into. If you look through the list of my qualifications, you will be able to gauge my suitability for an immediate position or one when it is available:

• Demonstrated expertise in maintaining individual goals, plans and assessments on assigned students
• Special talent for creating a warm, caring and safe environment to support students’ learning objectives
• Adept at responding sensitively to the interests, requests and needs of individual students
• Track record of actively engaging students in developmentally appropriate activities

I would appreciate an interview and I am available at your convenience. Please call me at (000) 555-3421 if you need to reach me. Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to meeting with you soon.



Bonnie Madison

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