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The purpose of an objective statement on an instructional aide resume is to let the employer know what position you are applying for. Right? Somewhat. While this may be the essence of a resume objective, it actually does a little more than this. A resume objective is an outreach endeavor – you write one to provide information of what you want from the employer – a job – and offer what you have – skills and experience.

An objective statement should never be about the person who is writing it primarily. While it is obvious that you are in it for personal and professional gain, you do not need to make it a naked truth. A little bit of restraint is important when writing a resume objective – you don’t want to put it all there and let the intrigue die. You want to provide just enough information to entice the reader to keep reading your resume, and keep guessing what else is in store for him or her. Resumes are seldom read – making yours an interesting read is important and what better way of doing it than providing the reader a trailer of what is yet to come!

Instructional aide resume objectives are not difficult to write at all. If you are aware of the position for which you have applied, and some of the requirements of the employer, you have the objective covered. Here are a few examples to help you along:

Instructional Aide Resume Objective Examples

• Highly organized and dependable Instructional Aide seeking a position at Springs Charter Schools applying exceptional skills in executing instructional activities with individual students to ensure that they meet their academic goals.

• Committed Instructional Aide with over 2 years of related experience looking for a position at The Richardson School. Offering deep insight into assisting students in both general and special education by preparing materials for class, handling classroom activities, and implementing behavioral management programs.

• Well-organized, adaptable and resourceful Instructional Aide eager to work for Perry Township Schools. Offers a verifiable track record of success serving as a source of information and assistance to students to help them meet their individual educational, social, developmental and emotional goals.

• To work for Grafton Public School as an Instructional Aide. Bringing expertise in providing instruction to students under the supervision of a lead teacher, and implementing instructional programs and lesson plans.

• Looking for an Instructional Aide position at Responsive Education Systems. Eager to apply proficiencies in assisting lead teachers in implementing lesson plans, and supporting students’ educational goals.

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