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Being an eager beaver actually helps when applying for a job. The more eager you sound in a cover letter, the better your chances of being considered an individual who will work with the same enthusiasm once hired. However, it is important to draw a line somewhere. While it is important to write a cover letter that shows great keenness on your part, too much of it can actually be an overkill. Showing that you like challenges and can work diligently to meet the company’s goals is important, but going over the top is a surefire way of killing your employment chances. So where does one draw the line?

Deciding how much is too much is a bit difficult. However, when you read a completed cover letter a few times, you will be able to gauge what needs to be taken out or added. The more information that you provide regarding your suitability, the better it is for you. Remember to leave something to use at the interview as well – if you provide all the information in a cover letter, what will you do when interview time comes along?

Keeping a balance is what will lead you to success here. Your cover letter should be a document that is read-worthy – like the sample below:


ESL Teacher Assistant Cover Letter Sample


Gisselle Martinez
544 Peter Drive
Belcourt, ND 56588
(000) 987-2058
g.martinez @ email . com

December 3, 2016

Ms. Marge Peregrine
The Native Speakers
7552 Renault Avenue
Belcourt, ND 58316


Dear Mrs. Peregrine:

Possessing an unwavering commitment to serving students and families in terms of providing ESL education, I would like to offer my services as an ESL Teacher Assistant at The Native Speakers. Being fully aware of the high standards of your organization, I believe that my professional profile will be of great interest to you.

An inherent positive attitude and deep comprehension of creating and implementing strategies to motivate students to learn English as a second language, are perhaps the two things that have made me increasingly successful in meeting my goals in ESL teaching assistance. Here is an overview of my qualifications to work at this position:

• Special talent for creating and implementing individualized lesson plans to meet the specific English language learning needs of each student.

• Unmatched ability to facilitate learning processes for students and help them achieve their educational goals.

• Particularly effective in planning instructional activities to include lectures, class discussions and projects.

With my experience and abilities as an ESL Teacher Assistant, I am positive that I can make an immediate and valuable contribution to The Native Speakers. To discuss it further, I will call you next week to arrange for a mutually convenient meeting date and time. In the interim, I am reachable at (000) 987-2058 if you require additional information.



Gisselle Martinez

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