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Cover letter writing has evolved so much over the years that if you pick up a cover letter that was written even 10 years ago, you would probably find it quite inappropriate for nowadays. The reason is the fact that employment methods have changed and levels of competition have increased tremendously over the years, making it impossible for employers to choose the right candidate – unless of course the candidate is extraordinary.

And to be able to appear as that extraordinary individual who will be deemed a favorite, cover letter writing has become challenging. Where it was once acceptable to write cliched sentences and phrases, this is now considered career suicide. You cannot simply write that you want the job and expect it to come falling in your lap. In these times of tough competition, you really have to work hard to appear as an individual who can make the company go places.

Mentioning your strong points is not enough anymore – you also have to concentrate on your accomplishments so that the hiring manager knows that you are a capable individual. In order to write a cover letter of this sort, you can refer to the sample below, written by a retired teacher who is now looking for a job in “today’s” tough market:


Retired Teacher Cover Letter Sample


Sandra Mitchel
32 New Street
Jersey City, NJ 10212

(000) 414-7474
Sandra @ email . com

March 18, 2016

Mr. Larry Stephens
Bright Horizons
220 Estes Road
Jersey City, NJ 11121


Dear Mr. Stephens:

25 years of experience of working in a teaching capacity is no small feat! As an individual who has had exposure to different types of teaching methods over 2 decades, I am confident of my ability to successfully contribute to the education imparting endeavors of your school.

Here are a few accomplishments that I have to my name owing to the tremendous service that I have provided to educating generations:

• Awarded the Teaching Excellence Award issued by the State of New Jersey for exceptional contribution in streamlining the education system in the state
• The first one to introduce International Baccalaureate to 4 qualified schools within New Jersey
• Reorganized the basic curriculum by incorporating activities-based learning in the regular program, resulting in a large number of students applying to the school.

There is still a lot more that I am capable of contributing to the educational world and I would love to sit down with you and discuss how I may be able to manage this by representing Bright Horizons. I can be contacted at (000) 414-7474 if you need to speak with me before I get a chance to call you to set up a meeting time



Sandra Mitchel

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