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A resume without skills is as bad as not sending in a resume at all. Yes, that is how serious this whole business is.

Resumes that do not boast of half a dozen skills statements are seldom considered good ones. You may not make your way to an interview stage if the skills section in your resume is empty – or worse, not there at all!

Our skills define us on many levels, and it is absolutely imperative for hiring managers to know that a candidate is skilled enough to be able to work properly once hired. Based on what you write in the skills section of your resume, a hiring manager gets to decide about your professional future. You may argue that the experience which you mention in your resume should suffice to get you the job – no.

Experience is important, we agree. But you cannot gain experience if your skills don’t help. So it is the root that you need to concentrate on. A hiring manager will quickly scan your resume to see where the skills section is, and upon not finding one, he or she is bound to reject the resume as a whole.

Do not let this happen to your resume. Have a look at the following skills statements for a dance teacher position, which you can place in your resume’s skills section:


Sample Skills Statements for Dance Teacher Resume


• Highly skilled in determining students’ interest in different dance forms by engaging them in interactive conversations.

• Demonstrated expertise in providing students with information and education regarding different art forms, and their history and cultural settings.

• Effectively able to serve as a recreation leader and develop and conduct various types of group and individual dance lessons.

• Competent in teaching various dance techniques to both young and adult students.

• Qualified to create engaging dance lessons with a view to keep students constantly interested and entertained.

• Proven ability to create and implement leveled dancing lessons for a wide variety of dance forms, including Jazz, Classical, Ballet, and Hip Hop.

• Highly experienced in designing formative and summative assessments ensuring that they are aligned with the long term objectives of each dance course.

• Effectively designs dance procedures that provide structure to students and maximize the amount and value of instructional time.

• Exceptionally well-versed in providing students with one on one instruction to ensure that any problem areas are looked into.

• Talented in creating individualized dance lesson plan for each student based on his or specific requirements and ability to learn.

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