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Having been through a dozen resumes in a day is a surefire recipe for disaster if the next resume is not of the standout quality.

Since you never know when your resume is going to be read, make sure that it is the best ever read, even if it is the last one being read!

Take ideas from the following sample:





Dance Teacher Resume Example



Simone Jones

4332 Dex Road, Burke, SD 55210
(000) 325-9580
simone.jones @ email . com

Outgoing personality and great with students, staff and clients.

Results-oriented Dance Teacher with 9+ years of hands-on experience in teaching theory and practice of many dance forms including Hip Hop, Jazz, Tango, Classical, and Ballet. Highly patient and exceptionally well-versed in providing both group instruction and individualized attention. Team player with exceptional interpersonal and communication skills. Enjoys the social aspect of teaching.

• Builds a classroom environment conducive to the love of different dance forms.
• Competent in collaborating with other dance teachers to build high class dance programs.
• Provides students with information and backgrounds of dance forms.
• Demonstrated expertise in engaging students with a repertoire that is relevant to their interests and lives.


? Program Development ? Interest Development ? Student Evaluation
? Performance Management ? Choreography Support ? Technique Development
? Theater Productions ? Leveled Teaching ? Group Instruction
? Interactive Lessons ? Technique Assessments ? Student Engagement

? Introduced Indian Classical dance as part of the dance program resulting in more than 100 students registering for it.
? Implemented the leveled teaching technique which was considered highly successful in teaching students belonging to different age groups.
? Chosen to provide choreography assistance for 3 short musical films, currently being played in the cinemas.
? Devised a student evaluation program, replacing the old, inefficient one.

Dance Teacher
Ovation Studios, Burke, SD | 8/2012 – Present
• Engage students in conversation to determine what time of dances they are interested in.
• Provide theoretical instruction to students pertaining to their chosen dance forms.
• Show students the moves and techniques used in each dance form such as Jazz, Ballet and Hip Hop.
• Assist students with their techniques and methods on a one on one, and group basis.
• Ascertain that all students follow instructions completely and provide additional help to struggling ones.
• Create, design, and develop lesson plans to meet the individual needs of each dance student.
• Provide leadership and vision in all areas of dance curriculum including theory, performance, and technique.
• Evaluate students by implementing a series of assessment metrics identifying areas for improvement.

Dance Teacher Assistant
Fredrick High School, Burke, SD| 2/2008 – 8/2012
• Assisted lead dance teacher in providing students with dance technique information.
• Organized students properly on the stage or dance floor before the beginning of a class.
• Ascertained that each student was given proper instructions and helped fix all students’ dance techniques.
• Managed student behavior within the dance class, ensuring that any issues or problems were immediately handled.
• Created and managed records of students’, ensuring that they were updated on a regular basis.

South Dakota State University, Burke, SD – 2005
Bachelor’s Degree in Arts

“I offer a passion for fitness and strong customer service-orientation.”

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