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Overview and Guidelines

Before writing a School Media Specialist cover letter, it is important to research the employer thoroughly. This is because it makes it easier for you to understand what the company might be looking for exactly in you. Often, the company’s mission is a tell-all and provides you with information on the type of person that will fit into its profile perfectly. So reading the mission or vision carefully can not only tell you about its aspirations in the business world but can also prepare you for the eventual interview question that you will be posed with – what do you know about us.

Even though one of the most overused words in contemporary language is networking, it is sometimes the only way to get your way into your dream company. If a neighbor or a friend, or a friend of a friend knows someone in a company that you want to work for, do not hesitate to ask for a referral or inside information. Both can be great saviors and lead you to write a compelling cover letter that you might have difficulties to write otherwise. If you have an “insider’s view” of what the company wants in an employee, you can actually tweak your cover letter to fit that image. It is a win-win formula.

What follows now is a cover letter sample for a school media specialist position. Take a look to get an idea.


School Media Specialist Cover Letter Sample


254 Hudson Road
Madison, TN 86980

June 1, 2015

Mr. Leslie Weston
New Madison Public Schools
912 Coreland Drive
Madison, TN 89133


Dear Mr. Weston:

Can New Madison Public Schools get benefit from the energy and expertise of a media specialist who is a superwoman at administering library media programs in a school setting?

When decades got tough owing to the chaos that the microchip brought on, this tough librarian kept her head up and embraced technology. Despite the sudden and almost untraceable infusion of technology into library services, I have been able to keep up and rule by encouraging students and teaching professionals to clinch this technological opportunity and move forward with the world.

To help your school grow and expand during this era of media transition, I can bring the following benefits to you:

• Excellent skills in planning, implementing and infusing library media programs into specific curriculum modules
• Committed to working with individual students and student groups to develop media and technology skills through help with reference and research work
• Documented success in broadening educational horizons through implementation of inter-library loaning programs

Based on above mentioned attributes, I am a strong contender for a media specialist with your school. I will contact you within 5 days to see if a mutually agreeable time can be set for an interview. In the interim, I can be reached at (555) 555-5555.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.



Josie Teller

(Enc: Resume)

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