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Writing a resume objective is not just recommended – it is a necessity. Without an objective, the resume risks losing focus. And a resume without focus is not considered a well-written one. Many people opt to use a career or professional summary to begin their resume. While a resume summary is a great way of opening the document, some of us are not cut out to write long accounts of why we are the best. Short and sweet is some people’s way of eliciting information. And if you are one of them, well, writing an objective makes more sense than writing a summary.

Summarizing your professional life in three sentences is a challenge that you will face when creating a resume objective. Advice? Leave the frills out and just make do with solid information. You can always talk about the “frills” at the interview. Your resume objective content needs to be short and precise – and informative. A couple of sentences highlighting your professional worth will suffice. Leave the rest of the information for later.

The structure of a resume objective is simple – which position are you applying for + how you qualify for that position + how much you can contribute to the company = a good resume objective. To see how you can use this formula to write a rocking objective, refer to the objective statements below:

Sample Objectives for Retail Resume

• Seeking a position as a Retail Associate at Macy’s utilizing over 5 years’ experience in delivering prompt and efficient responses to customers in a retail setting to maximize revenue.

• Looking for a position as a Retail Sales Associate at DD’s Discounts. Offers exceptional expertise in serving customer demands by assisting them in locating merchandise, and leading them through the purchase procedure in an efficient and satisfactory manner.

• Desire a position as a Retail Associate with Carson’s. Offering 6+ years’ track record of success in developing new and creative strategies to obtain new business, and servicing existing clients to ensure repeat business opportunities.

• Customer service-oriented, assertive and tactful retail sales professional looking for a position with Burlington Stores. Bringing 3 years of hands-on experience in providing exceptional customer service through merchandising and assisting clients in purchasing.

• Top performing Retail Superior with 5 years of experience in providing one on one customer services to store patrons. Seeking a managerial position at Ross Store where skills in customer support, payment handling and providing marketing and sales support will be fully utilized. Recognized for actively seeking out new business opportunities from both existing and new customers.

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