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Overview and Guidelines

Generally, all hiring managers seek individuals who are eager to work for them, possess the required skills and are ready to step in and start working. Portraying your candidacy in a favorable light demands that you showcase the key selling points of your profile in an appealing manner. And your cover letter is a golden opportunity to establish a connection between your candidacy and the advertised vacancy. Below are some quick tips that will help you attain this.

• Make the hiring managers’ job easy for them. Standout by offering the exact skills they demand.

• Go the extra mile in your effort to create an impact with your cover letter. Communicate how hiring you would add value to their firm.

• Support the claims your resume makes by showcasing relevant evidence in form of professional accomplishments in your cover letter.

• Create a good impression with a strong opening. This is your ultimate chance to grab your reader’s attention. Come up with a creative opening that is meaningful to your reader.


Retail Customer Service Representative Cover Letter Sample


Alvin Kaden
654 Northwest Avenue
Irving, TX 65774
(003) 444 – 5555
alvin . kaden @ email . com

November 12th, 2015

Mr. Robert Thompson
HR Manager
Fred’s Mart
883 Central Avenue
Irving, TX 65774


Dear Mr. Thompson:

7+ years of productive work experience as a retail customer service representative with MACY’s supplemented with track record of delivering high quality customer services qualify me to be your next retail customer service representative.

Longevity of working with a single employer throughout my career speaks highly of my dedication and commitment. However, I thrive on challenge and would like to expand my CSR experience in sales of skincare products into more versatile merchandising industries. My enclosed resume highlights some professional accomplishments I have to my credit which back my claim of being not only a suitable but the ideal candidate for your announced vacancy.

Throughout my career, my supervisors have highly applauded my persuasive skills and profound ability to grasp the exact demands and preferences of clients; and also to cater for the same. I look forward to utilize all the above mentioned skills and competencies for Fred’s Mart straightaway upon hiring.

I would welcome an opportunity to see you in person and discuss the prospect in further detail. I shall give you a follow up call on Wednesday and possibly at that time you could communicate an interview appointment that suits your schedule. In the interim, my resume is enclosed and I’m available to answer any queries you may have about my background and qualifications at (003) 444 – 5555.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Alvin Kaden

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