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A Geophysicist resume can be written in an extremely bad way or good – there is no in-between. Or so it is believed.

Do not leave your resume half-baked.

Make sure that it has all the information that is necessary to make it a solid block of information – like the example provided below:





Geophysicist Resume Sample



Grace Chandler

99 Arvita Road, Fairbanks, AK 87566
(000) 213-3435
grace.chand @ email . com


Performance Summary
Top-performing Geophysicist with extensive experience in designing data acquisition plans, and using highly complex instruments to take precise measurements. Demonstrated expertise in maintaining integrity of geophysical data, and ensuring compliance with regulations and standards.

• Highly experienced in preparing maps and interpretations for all seismic sections and performing data analysis
• Proficient in identifying areas to be surveyed and determining correlating appropriate survey methods
• Adept at monitoring crew activities during filed operations to ensure that protocols are followed
• Ability to study and interpret information on sediments, mineral and rock compositions and geological structures

Professional Skills

? Data Acquisition ? Survey Methods Determination
? Rock Structures Determination ? Ground Water Quality Deciphering
? Activity Origin Investigations ? Information Compilation
? Reaction Observation ? Reporting
? Seismic Activities Monitoring ? Data Analysis
? Recording Equipment Use ? Volume Measuring


Performance Highlights
• Successfully determined the possibility of a big volcanic event just in time to ensure timely evacuation.
• Determined an odd rock structure, which led to elaborate studies concerning seismic activities in an assigned area.
• Identified ground water presence in a barren area, through implementation of well-placed identification techniques.
• Implemented a novel data analysis system, which proved to be 75% more accurate than the one already in use.

Professional Experience

Weston Solutions, Fairbanks, AK | 6/2010 – Present
• Design, develop and implement geophysical survey strategies and metrics to aid response investigations and removal actions.
• Select and use a wide array of geophysical instruments and equipment such as high precision global positioning systems and internal motion sensors.
• Oversee the collection and use of geophysical data using systems such as EMI instruments.
• Handle geophysical data processing and analysis for traditional mapping surveys.
• Collect and interpret data, and identify areas that need to be surveyed, along with appropriate surveying methods.
• Monitor the activities of crew members, ensuring that they are working according to procedures and protocols.
• Study processes geophysical data and determine the type, shape and location of rock structures.
• Make use of seismic, electrical and electromagnetic techniques to evaluate ground water quality and assess possible hazards.

Geophysicist Assistant
AECOM, Fairbanks, AK | 2/2009 – 5/2010
• Assisted in collecting and managing onsite geophysical data and associated information.
• Provided support in conduct remote-sensing investigations of volcanic areas.
• Responded to volcanic eruption crises, providing real time interpretations of incidents and situations.
• Prepared reports for internal use, based on provided data analysis sheets, and assisted in reviewing results.
• Handled routine hazard communications and responded to inquiries from the media.

Fairbanks College, Fairbanks, AK – 2009
Bachelor’s Degree in Geophysics

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