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Dental Receptionist Interviews are always a source of intense distress to most of job seekers. Even those of us who have been hardened after years of being grilled at the interview table, often break a sweat at the mention of another interview.

The good news is that there really is no cause for worry, especially if you have done your “interview homework” well. Yes, that is what we like to call it – interview homework. Because that is what it is! Interviews can be aced by one means only and that is preparation. The more you know about what “might” be asked, the better your chances at sailing through the interview!

What we usually forget when we are preparing for an interview is that not all questions are directed towards our job knowledge. Some are also directed towards how we deal with things. So an interview is basically an amalgamation of questions that are designed to determine a candidate’s personality and job knowledge.

A dental receptionist may be asked interview questions (answers are given for your convenience) akin to the following:

 Dental Receptionist Interview Questions and Answers

What qualifications are absolutely necessary to work as a dental receptionist?
Knowledge of dental terminology, front desk manner and appointment scheduling knowhow is very important if one wants to work as a dental receptionist.

Tell us of a time when you went beyond the call of duty to ensure smooth operations at work place?
In the absence of a dental assistance on an extremely busy day, I handled cleaning and sterilizing of dental instruments and setting up of dental examination rooms to ensure smooth operations, in addition to doing my own work at the front desk.

As a dental receptionist, what are your specific technological skills?
I am well-versed in using the Medic System and can type 60 words per minute. I can also handle online pre-authorization and patient forms effectively.

Tell us of one achievement that you are proud of in your dental receptionist position.
Getting dental claims paid is one of the most difficult things to do. Last year, I was given the responsibility of getting 102 claims paid out of which I had 100 paid successfully, within the time frame given to me.

As far as patient contact is concerned, what do you consider important apart from appointment scheduling?
I believe that patient education is very important as well. When a patient is scheduled for a procedure, I make it a point to make sure that he / she understand the procedure completely so that he / she knows what to expect. I also provide patients and their families with information on how to handle post-procedure problems and limitations.

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