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Cover letters for police officer resume need to flow smoothly. If you keep changing the tone or the information that you provide in them in an abrupt fashion, you risk steering the hiring manager away from what you have written. Focus is the name of the game here. By keeping your cover letter focused on what it is that you want to say, you win points that will eventually lead you to the interview stage.

When you write a police officer cover letter, keep asking yourself why you wrote a sentence (each time you write) and what good it will be for the hiring manager. By constantly questioning yourself, you will be able to ward off terrible mistakes that may decide the future of your cover letter in the trash bin. Do not let this happen. Analyze what is not working and keep rewriting until you know that you have written something worthwhile.

To most applicants, cover letters seem not so important. Wrong! Cover letters are very important as they provide information of your personality, skills and experiences. It is very important for hiring managers to have this information to judge you. If you have trouble writing eloquent sentences, convert what you want to say in bullet points. This is especially helpful if you have skills and qualifications to talk about.

The sample below will help you understand how to write an effective cover letter for police officer resume following the bullet point format:


Police Officer Cover Letter Example


Jason Reed
544 5th Street
York, ME 91201
(000) 987-0909
jason @ email . com

October 17, 2015

Mr. Edward Kelly
Hiring Manager
York Police Department
9122 Harriets Road
York, ME 90122


Dear Mr. Kelly:

After working five years in the Department of Homeland Security as a police officer, I am cognizant of the inner workings of the law and order system and could prove to be a valuable asset to the York Police Department. A few of my areas of expertise include:

• Demonstrated ability to distinguish and appropriately classify criminal or civil violations
• Adept at conducting foot and vehicle patrol for prescribed areas over the course of a regular shift
• Qualified to promptly and accurately respond to calls and alarms involving crimes in process or recently discovered
• Competent in pursuing and apprehending criminals fleeing crime scenes or those attempting to resist arrest

In my previous position, I received praise and an excellence award for playing a key role in apprehending a drug lord and subsequently decreasing the drug crime rate by 87%. I am confident of my ability to provide similar pride to you when I represent your department.

I will be in contact after few days to see if we are able to schedule a meeting date. Please call me at (000) 987-0909 if you need further information regarding my credentials. I appreciate your time and consideration and look forward to speaking with you soon.



Jason Reed

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