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There are a million and one ways of telling a prospective employer that you are a good person to hire, and are also available. Except for a handful of them, most are not that great a way of reaching a prospective employer. Let’s come to the basic document that we use to make our availability known to a hiring manager – the resume. Right after we supply our initial information such as name and email address, we need to move on to the resume summary. The summary is what opens your resume and gives it shape. Needless to say, it has to be well-written.

What constitutes a resume summary? It is a short paragraph that depicts an applicant’s interest in the job that he is applying for, along with charting out his abilities to do the job and sometimes, information of education and accomplishments. Basically, a resume summary, summarizes the resume in a few sentences – in the event that a hiring manager does not get the time to read the resume as a whole, he can do with just the summary.

Setting the course of a resume is the basic job of a resume summary. As an amalgamation of personal and job-related skills, this section on the resume has the capability to get you the job immediately. And this is why it has to be written perfectly. Like the samples provided below:

Sample Summary Statements for Entry Level Police Officer Resume

• A successful communicator with exceptional track record of tactfully dealing with sensitive situations involving community members. Able to effectively liaise with groups and individuals while providing a visible presence to deter crime.

• Recently graduated Police Officer with extensive training in identifying individuals and locations at risk of being involved in crime. A compassionate and calm individual with a great sense of responsibility and resilience.

• Fresh and energetic Police Officer with solid academic courses in conducting arrests with due regard for human rights, and providing safety to members of the society by deterring crime through visible presence. Sound judgement and respect for confidentiality, along with great teamwork acumen.

• Honest and trustworthy Police Officer with a solid training background, aimed at providing security to people and property within assigned areas. Effective communication skills along with exceptional investigative abilities targeted at finding criminals.

• Community focused and dedicated Police Officer who has had rigorous training in fostering good relationships with community members. Highly skilled in interviewing suspected criminals, writing crime reports and responding to emergencies in a prompt manner.

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