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Writing a cover letter to apply for a job right after you have graduated from a nursing school can become a sticky situation. How? The only problem with first time cover letters is that they usually lack structure. Since the applicant doesn’t know what exactly he has to put into a cover letter, he or she writes anything that may impress the employer. That could work or it could backfire. You never know.

The best thing to do when writing a cover letter is to research what other successful cover letters hold in terms of content and format. You can replicate the style of other cover letters even if you cannot really copy the essence – you have to make your own essence here! If the sample cover letter that you are consulting is cocky in nature, you can use the same approach but only if you know for sure that the employer will take it positively. It is actually best to be as professional as you can.

Cover letters have never been about experience. They have always been about how you developed the experience that you have articulated in the resume. And here is a New Grad Nurse Practitioner cover letter sample to help you:


New Grad Nurse Practitioner Cover Letter Sample


Trisha Mannings
58 West Street
Hernando, MS 58441
(444) 444-
trishamannings @ email. Com

December 23, 2016

Ms. Christina Pulse
Nurse Manager
George Medical Group
200 Po Road
Hernando, MS 38052


Dear Ms. Pulse:

I was not aware of how fulfilling the job of a nurse is until my short but wide-ranging stint as a student nurse at Presbyterian Hospital. Through my education and hands-on experiences, I have learned a lot that I am sure will be useful if chosen to work as a Nurse Practitioner at George Medical Group.

Here is just a glimpse of what I offer:

• Demonstrated ability to provide care to patients with acute and subacute medical problems in accordance with their care plans.
• Proficient in providing exceptional assistance and care to patients with chronic diseases and conditions, with special attention to maintaining quality of life.
• Highly skilled in providing input to help develop procedures and protocols for exceptional patient care.
• Special talent for patient care documentation, focusing on integrity of updated information.

I would welcome the opportunity for an interview to discuss how I could make a contribution to George Medical Group as a Nurse Practitioner. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to talking with you soon.



Trisha Mannings

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