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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you receive an interview call? The answer is probably one that involves mixed emotions – excitement and terror. Both are normal. And both need to be dealt with properly. It is natural to feel excited at the prospect of obtaining a new job. But what does one do about the part that terrifies you into the next century?

You make arrangements to get rid of the terror as much as possible. Know your enemy – well, this is just a way of saying that you should research the company that you intend to work for – and you can be sure to say hello to success.

Once you’re done with the research part, you can look through the following set of interview questions and answers for reference:


Coding Manager Interview Questions and Answers

On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being the lowest), where do you stand as far as experience is concerned?
I would give myself a realistic 7. As a coding manager with 4 years of experience, I know that I have a lot more to learn in the coming years.

What have been your specific duties as a coding manager in the past?
Overseeing the work of medical coders, making sure that they perform as well as they are expected to, ensuring that they are provided with the right equipment and resources to perform their work, and facilitating the medical coding process as a whole have all been part of my work duties.

Why do you think that you were initially hired / promoted to the position of a coding manager?
I was actually given quite solid reasons for my promotion to this position. It was stated in my promotion letter that I am being internally hired as a coding manager due to my “excellent understanding of medical coding systems, procedures and protocols” and my “ability to take a leadership role when required”.

Recount one time that you handled an internal problem with success.
I was once presented with a problem by a medical coder who informed me that as soon as he punched in data into the EMR, it would turn into garbage. I looked into the problem proactively, and managed to determine that the system in which he was working had a virus in it. Through this conclusion, I was able to save the data in the system just in time!

You have written in your resume that you managed to “increase the efficiency of the current data entry system by 55%”. What does this mean?
The data entry methods which the company was using before I joined were completely outdated. When I joined, I replaced this system with a current one that proved to be 55% more efficient than the one that was already in place.

What do you expect to be doing 5 years from now?
I intend to have gained enough experience and exposure to be able to launch my very own medical coding facility in a few years from now!

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