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Hiring authorities are pros when it comes to Night Manager cover letters.

Cover letters that say a lot but provide useless information are rejected immediately.

Those that say much in very few words win the race.

The fact that well-written cover letters are not the norm is not lost on anyone, which is why hiring managers look forward to reading them – but almost never get a chance to.

Writing a Night Manager cover letter is certainly no rocket science, but it does need some practice and research. Both need to be carried out with much care. If you write your cover letter like everyone else does, there is a great chance that your cover letter will be rejected. But if you spend a little time in finding out what the hiring manager actually requires, you can actually write a pretty good one.

The following cover letter sample for a night manager position will help you along:


Night Manager Cover Letter Example



January 16, 2018

Mr. Frank Shields
Human Resource Manager
Durham Bulls
3380 Orchard Avenue
Front Royal, VA 14643


Dear Mr. Shields:

Overnight shifts are something that I am exceptionally talented in handling, as I work extremely well during the nocturnal hours. With great experience of working as a night manager is a hospitality, and a warehousing concern, I am positive that my contribution in this role at Durham Bulls will be greatly welcomed.

During the 8 years that I have worked as a night manager, I have developed great skills in establishing proper communication channels between departments, and positively engaging with visitors, and guests. Also, I have been credited with spot-checking assigned property, and reporting all deficiencies to appropriate department heads.

Moreover, I am a force when it comes to handling security and safety concern during the graveyard shift, ensuring that no unauthorized personnel are roaming the premises, and that any issues or problems related to security are communicated in an immediate manner.

As you get to know me professionally, you will find out that I am exceptionally talented in managing people, and can effectively handle the financial oversight part of the work as well. To ensure that you are made familiar with my professional profile in a more profound manner, I would like to meet with you in a face to face meeting.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




David Cross
(000) 527-9656
Attachment. resume

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