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Gas station assistant managers provide logistic and HR support to the manager at a gas station. The prime reason they are hired is to handle and coordinate the many aspects of work at a busy gas station, which may include handling customer complaints, ensuring that the right supply of gas is delivered on time, and that any issues with gas station attendants is handled in a manner that it doesn’t affect the work of the station.

To work as a gas station assistant manager, one requires a high school diploma or an equivalent educational qualifications. If you have some experience working in a gas station before, you may be considered a great contender for this job. You will need to be customer service-oriented so that customers provide increased business through repetitive sales, and word of mouth. You will also need to be exceptionally vigilant so that any nefarious activities, such as burglaries or hold-ups are thwarted. Another thing that you will have to look out for when applying for a job as a gas station assistant is your people skills. Since you will be dealing with all kinds of people – both coworkers and customers – your communication and interpersonal skills need to be perfect.

On any typical workday day, a gas station assistant manager performs some or all of the following duties.

Gas Station Assistant Manager Job Description

• Welcome customers as they arrive at the gas station or convenience store and ensure that an attendant is ready to provide service
• Oversee the work of attendants to ensure appropriate delivery of services and customer satisfaction
• Assist the gas station manager in handling the day to day operations of the gas station and convenience store
• Ascertain that sufficient staff members are present at each fuel pump at all times, in a bid to provide immediate services to customers
• Assist customers on self-service fuel pumps by providing them with insight on how to pump gas
• Create and maintain effective relationships with gas company personnel to ensure prompt delivery of gas
• Establish professional relationships with vendors to make sure that convenience store goods are delivered in a time efficient manner
• Order and receive merchandise and update and oversee inventory and stocking activities
• Ascertain the security of the convenience store and the station by constantly monitoring surroundings
• Assist in hiring and training personnel to perform duties at the gas station, particularly gas station attendants and custodial staff members

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