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If you are a creative photographer, you do not need to worry about at an interview. Well, the way we look at it, you have all the knowledge you need in your head – as opposed to having to read up on it extensively! But yes, there may be some part that you will need to read up – basic concepts and all. But your creativity is what you will mostly be judged on during an interview.

To prepare for your interview for photographer position, make sure you have your creative profile ready. So if you are a photographer, you will need a set of artistically shot photographs, a couple of projects and maybe a publication to lend credibility to your claim. Keep these things ready to take along – your work will do most of the answering.

You may come across a question or two regarding your “inspiration”. Be careful – the interviewer is attempting to find out how unique you are. If you say a certain photographer inspires you, you may fail to impress the interviewer. Think of alternatives to what other people would say. But whatever you say, has to be in sync with what you really feel.

Here is a set of interview questions and answers for a photographer position that should help you.

Photographer Interview Questions and Answers

How long have you been working in the photography arena?
I have been working as a professional photographer for over four years.

Why did you choose this line of work?
I am passionate about photography; taking photos is an integral part of my life. I was very young when I first interacted with a camera and I have not stopped since then. I was sure from the beginning that this was the field I wanted to be a part of.

What is your expertise as a photographer?
I am a professional event and commercial photographer. As an event photographer, I have a track record of covering a variety of events which especially include weddings, social events and private parties. In regard to commercial photography, I have working experience with restaurants and retailers, furniture, apparel, cosmetics and jewelry brands/retailers.

Why should we hire you?
Utilizing my energy and vast experience, I can contribute significantly to your organization. With my aesthetic sense, I believe I can bring fresh ideas and innovation to your company. I have worked alongside other photographers and creative artists therefore trust myself to be a good team player. Moreover, I possess excellent customer service skills that’s why people are very comfortable in communicating with me their thoughts and ideas.

What were the challenges that you most commonly faced and how did you deal with them?
In the beginning of my career, I felt dealing with people a little cumbersome because I feel not all people understand the seriousness of this field. I feel that people expect that once photographs are shot, the next step for photographers is just to hand them over. Post processing is an essential part of this field and experience has taught me that we have to make clients realize that there is much more to photography than meets the eye.

What do you enjoy the most about your job as a photographer?
As a photographer you get to meet with a variety of people coming from different backgrounds. I thoroughly enjoy this factor the most as it provides an enriching learning experience about different people, what they are expecting from you as a photographer and how you deal with their needs and provide them with complete client satisfaction.

Have you ever faced a difference of opinion with a client? How did you handle it?
Yes, I have quite a few times. The most common one was about the client being unable to understand why it takes a while to hand over the final wedding album. However, I was always successful in calmly explaining the reasons to them and the squabbles were easily resolved.

What is your biggest strength and weakness?
My biggest strength is my ability to pick on what the client is expecting and looking for. And the biggest weakness would be that I am a perfectionist and expect others to be as committed as I am.

If you were to give advice to a rookie about how to become a photographer, what would you say? What would you not say?
I would definitely not tell him or her to buy a camera. That is the wrong approach. My advice would be to leave home and observe. Pick out what interests you and see how you can capture it in your mind’s eye. Photography is initially a state of mind.

What inspires you?
People doing their everyday chores inspire me. It could be something as simple as a woman driving to work or a fisherman cleaning his net. There is a story in every scene. And reason to capture the moment in every story.

How do you make a picture stand out?
A lot of work goes into making a picture stand out. You concentrate on one or two items in the composition at the very maximum. You dig deep and you carve out something that means a lot to you. And then you do the clicking. It takes great time and effort.

What does photography mean to people? What does it mean to you?
Photography means different things to different people. For some, it is a form of self-expression. For others, it is merely a conquest. For me, it is a form of conversation. If the subject is caught well, it communicates on a different level with different viewers. It is a beautiful way of communicating.

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