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Despite popularity of online applications, it is very important to furnish your optometrist resume with a cover letter in a competitive job market. An optometrist cover letter can be a very productive tool for candidacy marketing if utilized smartly.

Optometrist Cover Letter Tips

Highlight your notable qualifications: Select the most relevant qualifications you possess and highlight these in your cover letter

Identify the value you bring to the organization: You can highlight your personal value by giving a quantified account of how you have been instrumental in contributing to the success of your previous employers

Motivate the reader to have a detailed look at your resume: How you begin and end your cover letter counts. Make a strong impression with a powerful introduction and end your letter with confidence, asking for an interview


Optometrist Cover Letter Sample


Clifford Gilchrist

833 Evergreen Lane • Tampa, FL 65449 • (004) 555 – 7777 • clifford @ email . com

June 19, 2015

Mr. Edward Fernandez
HR Manager
778 Unicom Ave
Tampa, FL 65449


Dear Mr. Fernandez:

Are you looking for a well-qualified and experienced optometrist to fill the vacant position at SHARP Vision Center? I am certain that you occasionally come across a client-oriented and safety-minded optometrist with excellent people skills who stands out of the crowd on basis of patient satisfaction – I fit that description.

Throughout my career, I have consistently delivered solid and quantifiable results through implementation of cost effective, reliable and safe visual assessment and corrective measures. I have been instrumental in generating long term benefits that are summarized below for your consideration:

• Enhanced the accuracy of visual diagnostic assessment process up till 97% by implementing modern, computerized and research based evaluative protocols
• Reduced annual procurement cost by $30K by recommending less costly, reliable replacements of conventional and expensive visual assessment equipment
• Brought the hospital’s optometric department in 100% compliance with HIPPA guidelines
• Conducted numerous educational workshops to spread awareness regarding safe and healthy measures and life style adaptations to prevent loss of vision among patients at risk

If you could benefit from a dedicated and result oriented optometrist who is fully updated with modern research in the field of optics, I would welcome a personal interview where mutual interest with regard to the vacancy could possibly be established.

I will follow-up on my application next week. In the meantime, I’m reachable at the above mentioned contact details to answer any queries you may have regarding my background and qualifications. Thank you for your time and consideration.



Clifford Gilchrist

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