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Writing a cover letter when you have great experience to fall back on is difficult. What is even more difficult is when you have no experience to fall back on. When you are in the process of writing a cover letter for an entry level position, many things must run through your mind.

What do I write? How do I put my thoughts on paper? What type of experience should I write about since experience isn’t something that I can bank on? Do I mention my skills and competencies?

Answering all these questions will bring you closer to writing a cover letter that rocks – even at the entry level.

What is the difference between writing a cover letter for a position for which you are experienced, and writing one when your experience isn’t much to talk about?

There is no difference to be honest, since experience isn’t something that one relies on when writing a cover letter. Good eh? Great, actually! Take a look at the following cover letter sample to see how to go about it:


Entry Level College Professor Cover Letter Sample



658 Watson Dr
Edgewood, NM 85496

July 3, 2017

Mr. Sid Filly
Human Resource Manager
North Minnesota College
955 College Avenue
Edgewood, NM 48362


Dear Mr. Filly:

I was pleased to come across the advertisement in the Daily News Ads for the position of a College Professor, with English literature as a strength. Having recently obtained my master’s degree in English literature, and a short teaching stint at The Community College, I am positive that I qualify for this position.

Possessing absolute command of the language, and how it relates to literature is my forte. With my ability to impart subject matter to students, using novel teaching methodologies, I am positive that you will be quite impressed with me once you see me “in action” within the classroom.

Evaluating student learning and progress, maintaining standard syllabus for each course, updating course content as appropriate, and developing and implementing processes and tools for assessment of teaching and student learning outcomes, are just some of the areas where you will find me highly proficient.

Moreover, I am well-versed in incorporating results derived from assessments, to enhance instruction procedures and materials, which is quite a strength where education management for college students is concerned.

Anticipating to provide you with a more comprehensive view of my abilities, I will call you soon to arrange a mutually convenient meeting date and time. Until then, you may contact me on the number given below if you require additional information.




Moose Mason

(000) 963-7548

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