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Computer screening programs are a great rage nowadays and they are designed to identify admissions recruiter resumes with the most matches. What does this mean? It means that you can use technology used by companies to your advantage. Most of the time, a job advertisement will spell out quite clearly what the employer’s requirements are. And if you are sensible enough to modify your resume terminology to fit that used by the employer, the chances that you will make it through the scrutiny of the computer screening are great.

If you follow the following admissions recruiter resume example to write your own, you may just be quite successful at writing an employer-centered resume.


Admissions Recruiter Resume Sample


Juan Martin

7102 Beth Drive ? Fairchance, PA 32331 ? (000) 141-4541 ? j-martin @ email . com


Performance Summary: Results-oriented Admissions Recruiter with 10 years’ hands-on experience in promoting and marketing college programs to all target populations, including traditional age groups and adults seeking both full time and part time study. A versatile individual who develops and maintains collaborative working relationships with educational and community partners. Demonstrated ability to coordinate student recruitment activities and represent the institute at college fairs and community events.


• Community Partnering • Interview Management • Orientation Sessions
• Budget Handling • Outreach Programs • Recruitment Events
• Event Logistics • Admissions Counseling • Data Compilation
• Credentials Evaluation • Reports Generation • Communication Flow

• Organized 42 student outreach programs, all of them deemed successful in recruiting the required number of students
• Created and implemented a series of group orientations which assisted students in the safe transition through college programs
• Improved communication flow between departments which increased operational efficiency of recruitment efforts by 58%
• Planned and executed the details of all recruitment events within set budgets, with leftover resources to be used for auxiliary recruitment efforts


Admissions Recruiter
Pennsylvania State University, Fairchance, PA (6/2010 to Present)

• Chart out student population requirements and create recruitment outlines
• Promote and market recruitment programs and serve as an admissions recruiter for target populations
• Coordinate recruitment activities by representing the institute at college fairs and community events
• Create and implement outreach programs to provide prospective students with information on offered programs and courses
• Counsel potential students about the benefits of enrolling in each program
• Respond to queries regarding student eligibilities and deadlines

Admissions Recruiter
Pennsylvania State University, Fairchance, PA (6/2008 to 6/2010)

• Utilized telemarketing, electronic and social media tools to follow up with prospective students and assist them in navigating the admission process
• Designed and executed college’s enrollment management programs with special focus on conversion initiatives
• Assisted students through enrollment procedures by providing them with heads up on processes and protocols
• Selected students based on set criteria and eligibility and contact them to inform them of their selection
• Handled induction and group orientation programs for selected students to assist them in becoming acquainted with the college
• Generated reports to document enrollment yield from all recruitment initiatives

Admissions Officer
Community College System of Fairchance, Fairchance, PA (1/2006 to 6/2008)

• Assisted in designing and implementing outreach programs to communicate offers to prospective students
• Create and maintain admission forms and assist students in filling them out correctly
• Evaluated applications from prospective students to make informed decisions on recruiting students
• Provided support in setting up initiation programs and orientations to familiarize new students with the campus and offered programs
• Responded to inquiries regarding admission processes and programs by communicating with interested parties over the telephone and through emails and social media sites

Pennsylvania State University, PA – 2005
Bachelor’s Degree in Communication

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