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Admissions recruiter cover letter writing is all about self-praise and marketing. Don’t be shy in telling it like it is. If you are skilled or talented in one area (or more), do not play it down.

The language that you use in your cover letter is what matters most. Make your cover letter sing praises for you so that the employer can decide in your favor as quickly as possible. Knowing your audience is important when writing a cover letter. Employers like take-charge employees and if you come across as one, your success is more or less guaranteed.

Explaining why you are a top candidate may be riddled with difficulties but only if you are not self-assured. Unless you know yourself inside out, you cannot eloquently spell out how good you will be as a candidate.


Admissions Recruiter Cover Letter Sample


Lydia Sheldon
1252 Maple Street, NW
Fairchance, PA 11254
(000) 222-1241
Lydia @ email . com

April 15, 2016
Mr. Robert Wilson
Hiring Manager
Salus University
536 Beth Drive
Fairchance, PA 11254


Dear Mr. Wilson:

For the previous 5 years, I have been working as an active part of the student recruitment process as Fairchance University and have excelled at every step.

Following is a short list of some of my qualifications as an Admissions Recruiter:

• Well-qualified to seek and cultivate qualified prospective students by following set criteria directives
• Demonstrated expertise in developing and implementing effective recruitment strategies and tactics to meet enrollment goals
• Highly experienced in conducting admissions interviews and ensure timely feedback to prospective students

Owing to deep exposure to handling student enrollment procedures by using a variety of communication tools including print and social media, I am confident that my contribution to your university will be considered in a positive light. To highlight my qualifications further, I would like to meet with you in person.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Lydia Sheldon

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