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There is no point in being old school and not taking advantage of technology to help you in your job hunt. Technology facilitates job searches so why not use it to your benefit? You can continue to use the same customized resume and cover letter for customer service representative to look for a job but by taking help from technology, you are helping yourself along much further. Looking for some tips?

• Enlarge your personal network by using social networks
• Tap social networks to identify jobs and to ask for recommendations
• Visit hiring authorities directly
• Highlight your accomplishments in professional profiles / summaries
• Pinpoint your targets with position-mapping techniques

Many of us get the heebie-jeebies when we think of unfamiliar grounds – applying through social media. But in actuality, this is the future of job application. Emails have already taken over regular mail where job application submissions are concerned and now, website applications are not far behind.

And all this really should not bother you if you are a member of Generation NOW – you were born with technology. As an entry level applicant, this should be a cinch for you.

Take a look at this resume sample for a customer service representative position:


Entry Level Customer Service Representative Resume Sample


Gloria Sims

837 National Street ? Belle Fourche, SD 23452 ? (009) 999-9009 ? sim.glo @ email.com

PROFILE: A dedicated, helpful customer service representative with deep interest in the retail sector. Able to work independently and use in-house resources effectively. Effective problem resolution skills along with a great ability to work with people from diverse backgrounds.

Qualifications Include:

• Demonstrated knowledge of serving as an intermediary between company and customer, keeping a balance in loyalty
• Extensive knowhow of responding to customers’ complaints in a positive and proactive manner
• Special talent for processing orders over the telephone, keeping accuracy as a baseline
• Able to research answers to difficult queries and present customers with solutions that demote complete satisfaction and recurring business


• Telephone manner • Communication • Problem resolution
• Account management • Conflict resolution • Customer satisfaction
• Recurring business • Store operation • Technology savvy


Home Depot, Belle Fourche, FL – 6/2014 to 12/2014

Customer Service Officer
• Greeted customers and provided them with information on store’s offers
• Escorted them to their choice of aisles and demonstrated products
• Provided customers with price and warranty information
• Took telephone calls and responded to inquiries
• Assisted customers through payment procedures and ensured that their purchases were packed and delivered efficiently
• Took and serviced complaints and handled requests for exchanges and returns

Florida Business School, Belle Fourche, FL – 2008
Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration

• CRM Software
• MS Office Applications
• Internet, Outlook, Social Media Interaction

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