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Even though interviews for school custodian position are harrowing prospects, they need to be dealt with.

At one time or another, all of us have to sit at this side of the interview desk and be grilled about all that we know – or forgot to prepare for.

The process may be difficult but the end result can be a beauty – instant soaring of confidence and a job of our dreams.

So stop that fretting and get on with the preparation process. Here is a set of questions and answers that might help you:


School Custodian Interview Questions and Answers

Do you thing that you are a good fit for our school as a custodian?
I have worked in a similar capacity for the past 5 years and know just how to provide custodial services in an academic environment. As an individual who has had great exposure to advanced cleaning and sanitation practices, I am positive that I will fit in quite well at your school.

In what way do you think working in a school is different than working as a custodian in an apartment building for instance?
Where there are children involved, the work transforms itself automatically. One has to be more careful when working in a school as there are children involved. For instance, in an apartment building, I might mop the floor and leave the WET FLOOR sign there, knowing that residents will be careful. In a school, one cannot just place a sign and expect children to follow it. One has to be careful by cordoning off the area or keeping a watch and warning them!

There was once a time when many people said that a cleaning crew’s work should be seen, and not the cleaner. How do you feel about that?
Well, it is a bit unfair to say that as cleaning crews have to work constantly to make sure that an environment is kept spotless. It would be difficult to be “not seen”.

How do you make sure that you keep up with the physical demands of this work?
I keep a balance. For a task that requires too much bending or stooping in one go, I break it into 2 or 3 instances so that the impact of the physical demand is lessened.

What particular duties have you performed in this role before?
As a school custodian, I have been responsible for sweeping and mopping floors, washing bathrooms, dusting furniture and fixtures, cleaning windows, performing vacuuming duties and maintaining cleaning equipment. Additionally, I have performed trash removal and disposal and grounds maintenance duties as well.

What is the greatest challenge that you have come across working as a school custodian?
The greatest challenge, one that I face every day, is making sure that students do not come to any harm because of any of the work that I have done. It is a constant in my life as I am forever putting up warning signs on wet floors and near cleaning equipment and supplies!

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