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Want to ditch the nerves that make you a ball of perspiration right before an interview? You might want to think along the lines of “going in prepared” for an interview. Easier said than done? True in a sense. In another, not so much. Preparation is a given before an interview unless you are aiming to fail. But since most of do not have failure as a goal, we must work towards acing the interview.

Interviews are usually divided into these sections:

• Questions about you.
• Questions about your work experience and knowledge.
• Questions pertaining to why you want this job.
• Competency-based interview questions.

But they are not always asked in this order. For instance, you will not be asked all competency-based interview questions at the same time. Juggling questions is a great game for interviewers – a game aimed at confusing the interviewee. And it works. Do not let it work. You need to be able to foresee this and take the lead. How? By preparing, of course!

When appearing for an interview for the position of a head custodian, you might be asked some questions regarding you but many on how you handle other people, primarily owing to the supervisory position that you are applying for. Here are some questions you might be asked:

Head Custodian Interview Questions and Answers

A head custodian’s work is not just cleaning and maintenance. How would you define your role?
While cleaning and maintenance is a huge part of a head custodian’s work, I agree that this is not all there is to it. Ensuring that an entire team of custodians works towards achieving cleaning and maintenance goals is the essence of a head custodian’s main job.

What is your experience with technology in a head custodian’s role?
My present place of work is a huge expanse of a building and I am responsible for overseeing custodial work over all of it. I use radiophones to communicate with my staff which is an effective way of getting my orders across to people with whom I cannot be in touch physically all the time.

What motivates you to work hard in this role?
The end result. When I think of how beautifully clean and neat interiors and exteriors look, it gives me a sense of satisfaction which is quite motivating in itself.

If you were in a position to hire a team of custodians, what qualities would you look for?
I would want to hire people who have great attention to detail, possess knowledge of cleaning activities in a corporate environment and the ability to have their work being visible, without being visible themselves!

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