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One very important interview but a million tips and tricks to ace it! Confusing! and sometimes, very misleading! You might find it odd to know that while you research for mail carrier interview tips and tricks, an interviewer may also be looking for interviewing tips! Both ends are difficult to manage. Both are very important to get right.

There are certain types of questions that are typical of all interviews and they are based on the following categories:

• Qualifications
• Behavior
• Technical aspects

These three areas need to be looked into thoroughly before appearing for an interview. Qualification questions may include:

What are your career plans?
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Why are you pursuing this field?

Behavioral questions might include delving into a candidate’s:

¦ Communication skills
¦ Initiative
¦ Leadership qualities
¦ Planning and organization

Technical questions will be more job-focused. These may include case questions where you may be presented with scenarios, involving complex problems.

USPS Mail Carrier Interview questions are important but how you answer them is even more so. When you are presented with a particularly difficult question, take a moment to think and reflect on it. Ask yourself, “What is the interviewer really hoping to find out about me?”

A USPS mail carrier will be tested on more than his mail delivery skills. Confidentiality and integrity come into play here and he will be required to prove that he is capable of holding both up. Following are some interview questions (and good answers) that you might be asked:

USPS Mail Carrier Interview Questions and Answers

What do you know about significant events in the history of United States Postal Service?
Some of the significant events of USPS include Benjamin Franklin’s commission as the first Postmaster General of the organization in 1775 and the fact that the US issued its first postal cards in 1873. Other significant dates include introduction of airmail service in 1918 and the launching of the public Internet site in 1994.

What are the two facets of working as a USPS mail carrier?
The first one is office work where a mail carrier has to inspect his vehicle, retrieve mail cases and place them on to the vehicle in a safe manner. The other is the deliver part, where the mail carrier charts routes and looks for mail destinations.

If you were presented with an opportunity to peek into a box that you have been asked to deliver, would you take the opportunity?
No. I would not. My business is to deliver and not see what is inside the packet. Customer confidentiality is very important to me.

What is one skill that is considered trivial but is actually very important during mail delivery?
Comparing addresses. It is considered as a “given” that a mail carrier will deliver mail to the address given. In actuality, it is quite easy to miss a street number and end up at the wrong address.

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