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Writing a high impact resume is not all that easy if you do not begin by writing a resume objective. Resumes need to have a targeted “look” about them if they are to be considered worthy of being read. Objectives provide resumes with the look. If written properly, a resume objective can land you the job. If not written well, it can faze the interest of the reader and leave you in the lurch, even if you are an outstanding candidate for the position.

A resume objective is basically a short blurb that tells the recruiter what skills, qualifications and experience you have that will help a company achieve its goals. Resume objectives cannot be used to tell a hiring manager how a candidate intends to use the company for his own career advancement. Resume objectives are successful only if they can argue that a candidate would succeed in the role that he is applying for. It is used to create interest in the rest of the resume and edge the reader to build interest in what the remaining of the resume has to say.

Vague resume objectives are off-putting so one has to be very meticulous when writing one. Carefully crafted ones can make your career – badly written ones can break it. For examples on how to write effective resume objectives, let’s go through the following sample objectives of a summer camp counselor:

Sample Objectives for Summer Camp Counselor Resume

• Seeking a position as a Summer Camp Counselor with Children of America using demonstrated expertise in planning and executing age-appropriate summer camp activities, with special focus on individualized and group interests.

• Looking for a Summer Camp Counselor position at Miami Dade College by employing proficiency in organizing camping trips and planning and leading group activities, in sync with designated summer camping programs.

• Desire a position as a Summer Camp Counselor at Harand Camp. Eager to employ exceptional skills in summer camp activities planning and implementation, along with deep knowledge of leading members through emergency procedures.

• To obtain a Summer Camp Counselor position at MediFit by effectively developing, implementing and leading recreational activities and directing and supervising members for efficient outcomes of summer camp undertakings.

• To work as a Summer Camp Counselor with Entertainment Camp using proficiency in leading summer camp activities through strong leadership skills and sound judgement.

• Seeking a Summer Camp Counselor position with Summer Naturally. Anxious to apply knowledge of working with a diverse group of children, leading summer camp activities and handling adverse situations with delicacy and tact.

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