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Do you believe that it is useless to spend time and effort in writing an objective to begin your resume with?

If your answer is yes, you need to re-look into proper resume writing. Contrary to popular belief, resumes should never make an entry without an objective.

An objective sitting at the top of a Mental Health Counselor resume does more work than simply look pretty. It provides hiring managers with valuable information about your capabilities, allowing him or her to make sound shortlisting and hiring decisions.

Let’s talk about what a resume objective should include. Typically, a resume objective should highlight your inherent and work-related capabilities, to help hiring managers gauge what you will offer to them, once you are hired. This information will help you in many ways – primarily, it will present you as a viable candidate for a job, which is the main purpose of writing an objective anyway. But not all objectives are liked by hiring managers, whose standards are way above than what you can imagine.

They have seen many resumes in their career lifetimes, and impressing them with a 3 line objective is not easy. The best way to go about it is to make sure that you write your objective in sync with what the hiring manager wants. This way, you will be able to reach him or her at a level that he or she expects you to.

Some examples of resume objectives for a mental health counselor position are provided below:

Sample Objectives for Mental Health Counselor Resume

• Top performing Mental Health Counselor looking for a position at Sava Care. Offers 12 years of dedicated experience in providing well-placed assessments and correlating treatment plans to patients suffering from mental and emotional illnesses.

• Seeking a Mental Health Counselor position at Encompass Community Services. Track record of assessing patients’ mental and emotional health conditions. Specifically expert in offering personal, school-related, and professional counseling, focusing on ensuring patients’ emotional and mental wellbeing.

• Looking for a position as a Mental Health Counselor with UW Medical Health Center. Eager to apply proficiencies in providing appropriate interventions, and brief psychotherapies for issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, phobias, grief, and communication problems.

• Seeking a Mental Health Counselor position at Centennial Medical Center utilizing extensive experience in providing direct patient care to manage patients’ mental health and wellbeing.

• Desire a position as a Mental Health Counselor at Mount Sinai Health System. Offering skills in developing and implementing behavioral interventions, reviewing critical events, and providing crises management services.

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