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It is true that placing a positive impression on a seasoned hiring manager is one of the most difficult things to do.

Job seekers usually have no idea what hiring managers have to go through to shortlist the best candidates. Helping them with their decision-making process helps.

Mental Health Counselor cover letters are great avenues for you to provide a hiring authority with solid information on what you can offer in the role of an employee. Creating a well-written cover letter is challenging though.

A letter that has all the qualities to impress a hiring manager into calling you in for an interview is one which is complete from all angles. The information in it should be relevant – it should neither be too short, nor too long. A one-page cover letter is sufficient to provide hiring managers with a taste of what your capabilities are. Here is a sample:


Mental Health Counselor Cover Letter Example



Fredric Williams
25 Simcoe Street West
Lincoln, DE 25102
(000) 251-2010
f.williams @ email . com

September 13, 2017

Mr. Frank Mason
Human Resource Manager
Encompass Community Services
900 Fitzgeralds Road
Lincoln, DE 10202


Dear Mr. Mason:

I am excited at the prospect of contributing to Encompass Community Services in the role of a mental health counselor. Owning a strong personality, with a great ability to offer personal, school-related, and professional counseling, I am positive that you will not be disappointed once you go through my resume.

Assessing presenting problems, and providing appropriate interventions and brief psychotherapy for issues such as depression, anxiety, phobias, grief, and communication problems are where my expertise lies.

With over 10 years of experience in developing and implementing behavioral interventions, and reviewing critical incidents, my skills are spot on with what you require in an individual representing your facility as a mental health counselor. Developing and implementing individualized treatment plans, and counseling patients in both individual and group capacities is my niche.

Furthermore, I am exceptionally well-versed in monitoring, evaluating and documenting patients’ progress according to measureable goals, outlined in treatment and care plans. Moreover, you will find me to be able to connect with my patients on a level defined by them, allowing me to delve deep into their problems, and provide well-suited solutions.

To further elaborate on all the information that I have provided here and in my resume, I would like to meet with you in person. Until I get a chance to arrange a meeting, I can be contacted at (000) 251-2010 for any further information required.




Fredric Williams

Enc: (Resume)

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