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Beginning your resume with a bang is probably the only way that you can force success to cower at your feet. A good opening leads to increased interest in your candidature, by an employer who is not too keen on hiring mediocre individuals. How you begin your resume, will eventually set the pace of it, making you come across as someone who is not just good to hire, but is a great choice because of your ability to provide more than what is asked.

Resume objectives rock when it comes to helping you win your case. If you are a good candidate for a job, the resume objective has the capacity to lay it bare that you should be hired. Unfortunately, objectives do not write themselves! You have to make a little effort to do something that will get your point across to a hiring manager. What is that? Writing a resume objective of course! Not only will it set the pace of your resume, but it will also give the employer a short, but descriptive introduction of who you are, why you are sending the resume in the first place, and what you intend to contribute to the organization, once the decision to hire has been made in your favor.

Confused about what to write? Keep reading for resume objective samples:

High School Counselor Resume Objectives

• Highly experienced High School Counselor applying for a position at St. James High School providing benefit of developing and maintaining written plans for effective delivery of school counseling programs.

• High School Counselor with over 10 years of experience in providing students with assistance in handling academic, social and personal development issues, currently seeking a position at Bevee’s High School. Effectively able to communicate goals of comprehensive school counseling programs to education stakeholders, and provide students with assistance in determining their strengths and limitations.

• Analytic and determined individual with over 6 years of counseling experience, looking for a High School Counselor position at St. Cathy’s High School. Offering deep insight into developing comprehensive programs that meet the needs of students emotionally, developmentally and educationally.

• Desire a position as a High School Counselor at Pine Avenue High School. Bringing ability to implement developmentally appropriate and prevention-oriented activities to meet students’ individual needs and goals of the school.

• Looking for a position as a High School Counselor at Mountain Pine School. Offers 5+ years’ track record of success analyzing student data and develop data-driven programs for intervention action plans, aimed at improving academic performance and retention.

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