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Writing an objective on your resume for recreation coordinator position is not always important. But where it is, it is important to write one that serves your purpose well. When exactly can / should we use a resume objective? There are actually only two instances where resume objectives become a necessity – in an entry level resume and in one in which the candidate intends to change his career.

So what purpose do resume objectives serve? In today’s competitive world, employers have very little time (and even less patience) to determine what a candidate is capable of doing for them. Flipping through hundreds of resumes in a week is far from easy and an eye catching one-liner can be a shot of cool breeze in an otherwise desiccate resume heat! Look at it this way – an employer who has advertised for three different positions will be able to categorize resumes easily if the first line (the resume objective) makes it obvious what the resume is for.

Also, recreation coordinator resume objectives summarize the skills, qualifications and experience of a candidate in a few lines, giving the employer an eyeful of all that is “good about the candidate”. It is a fool proof way of grabbing the employer’s attention and keeping it!

However, resume objectives need to be very carefully crafted – according to the job that one is applying for. For instance, a recreation coordinator’s resume objective should be along the lines of:

Sample Objectives for Recreation Coordinator Resume

• Looking for a position as a Recreation Coordinator with Southern Management using strong focus on assessing client groups’ recreation needs and developing and implementing age-appropriate recreation programs.

• Seeking a Recreation Coordinator position at Recreate Magic by employing strengths in coordinating recreational programs, securing premises, instructing specific classes and enhancing programs in sync with members’ specific interests.

• Desire a position as a Recreation Coordinator with Lourdes Health System. Offering excellent skills in promoting a fun and relaxing atmosphere for participants, along with deep knowledge of developing, implementing and overseeing recreational activities pertaining to sports and camping.

• To obtain a Recreation Coordinator position with Seven Counties Services using strong knowhow of designing, implementing and evaluating recreational programs and services such as sports, special events and field trips.

• To work as a Recreation Coordinator with Services Bounty. Anxious to employ deep knowledge of implementing therapeutic activities in a group setting, by implementing age-appropriate and diverse recreational programs.

• Seeking a position as a Recreation Coordinator at Masonic Villages. Offering proficiency in operating nature centers and deep knowhow of assisting with large-scale special events and environmental education.

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