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Resumes are seldom interesting reads, even for employers whose jobs are to read resumes and pick out the best candidates. A resume that does not have an objective perched at the very top is even more boring. Job application documents that begin abruptly are complete turn offs for employers who are bored out of their minds by reading the same type of resumes day in and day out.

An objective helps. Using a resume objective means that you are placing the crux of your professional standing in a few lines, making it easy for the employer to gauge your skills and competencies. This way, if a hiring manager is not too keen on reading your resume, he will at least read the objective. And by reading the objective, he will gain an understanding about what the candidate is worth. This is very important. If the idea behind writing a resume is gaining a job (we can’t imagine what else it may be), then beginning your resume with an objective makes sense.

What is the formula of a good resume objective? Now you are asking the right questions! What do I have that I can give to you, so that you can make your company grow and prosper? This is the formula that you need to follow when writing a resume objective. Concentrating on the employers’ needs will lead to success here. Refer to the sample below:

Sample Objectives for Payroll Coordinator Resume

• Highly experienced and hardworking Payroll Coordinator looking for a position at Wenck Associates. Bringing deep comprehension of coordinating the daily operations of the company’s payroll system.

• Top performing Payroll Coordinator with over 4 years of experience in processing, calculating and posting a variety of payroll actions, such as wage garnishing and overtime hours into the system. Currently seeking a position at Medix, aiming to provide excellence in payroll coordination services.

• Desire a position as a Payroll Coordinator at International Cruise and Excursions Inc. Offering a successful track record of handling timekeeping maintenance activities, along with providing support to employees regarding payroll inquiries and issues.

• To work as a Payroll Coordinator at Creative Solutions employing exceptional skills in running monthly payroll reports, and auditing payroll processes for accuracy and compliance.

• Meticulous, resourceful, dynamic and competent Payroll Coordinator, with over 6 years of experience, anticipating a position at Alliance Gamers. Eager to apply deep comprehension of standard and complex payroll systems, with special focus on ensuring compliance to both company and federal payroll procedures and protocols.

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