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Opening lines of a cover letter should be written carefully – this is a given. But once you are past this stage, you need to keep your cover letter mojo going as you flesh out the middle paragraphs with content that emphasizes your strengths. Being shy in listing your qualifications, skills, achievements and competencies will leave you where you are – and that is nowhere.

Use of power phrases that are anchored with accomplishments and skills suggests that you are a likely model of efficiency. And this is exactly what you want, isn’t it? A prospective employer will consider himself lucky if he finds out that you will save him money or make him some!

Using accomplishments to get your point across is the best way of getting through to an employer. Accomplishments are extended events that tell employers how you went well beyond the call of duty to do something for the company. While the sense of achievement is something that you will benefit from, the employer is the actual beneficiary. Use of numbers and percentages is important but don’t worry too much if your accomplishments cannot be measured in this way. But never leave out accomplishments when you write a cover letter.

To show you how you can be a winner by using accomplishments as an anchor, take a look at the following cover letter sample for a community outreach coordinator:

Community Outreach Coordinator Cover Letter Sample


Linda Perry
652 C. Some Street
Biddeford, ME 12101
(000) 525-4444
Linda @ email . com

August 3, 2015

Ms. Jessica Alba
Manager Human Resource
Gift of Hope
9210 Middle Street
Biddeford, ME 10382


Dear Ms. Alba:

Having worked for an internationally acclaimed organization FACES USA in the capacity of a community outreach coordinator, I am positive that my skills will be of great interest to you. A comprehensive overview of my qualifications include deep knowledge of creating and implementing community and business outreach programs and effectively developing educational and informational materials to reach out to community members.

Some accomplishments that I have to my name include:

• Identified 82 contacts within 1 year, out of which 66 signed on as donors
• Established brand awareness of the organization through effective implementation of 52 community outreach programs
• Exceeded performance goals by 100% through effective planning and implementation processes

My resume details my work history; additionally, I have an impeccable list of references which I will happily provide if requested. Please feel free to contact me at (000) 525-4444 if you need more information regarding my suitability to work for Gift of Hope.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Linda Perry

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