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Why would a potential employer be interested in your skills? Why not? After all, he will pay you a great amount of money each month, and it is his right to know whether you can do the job or not! In a constantly changing work environment, possessing the right skills are essential to meet the challenges that everyday work throws at us.

Whether they are tangible job-related skills or non-tangible life skills, both sets hold a lot of importance. Knowing what skills you have, takes you a step further in placing emphasis on them when writing a resume. Always remember that getting hired is more than just having a perfect cover letter or resume – what happens after you are hired is what needs to be focused on here. But since the resume is where it all begins, placing a list of skills in your resume is imperative.

The impression that we make creates a great impact on how we are perceived. Eloquently writing your skills in your resume is what will take you to new heights in the employment world. A prospective employer knows nothing about your ability to do anything in a professional world – cut him some slack and make things easy for them.

How you need to place information of your skills in a resume is another matter altogether. And here is how we can help you – by providing you with examples on how to create sentences to emphasize your job-related skills:

Sample Skills for Restaurant Cook Resume

• Highly skilled in inspecting food preparation duties to ensure that they conform to the specific instruction provided
• Proven record of efficiently observing and testing food items to ensure that they have been cooked according to set recipes
• Demonstrated expertise in creating recipes and menus according to the specific tastes of different clientele
• Skilled in weighing, measuring and mixing ingredients according to recipes and by employing personal judgement
• Deeply familiar with operating kitchen equipment such as grills, ovens and fryers to handle cooking and baking activities
• Proficient in portioning food items according to restaurant standards and arranging them on plates and platters in a visually pleasing manner
• Adept at determining estimated expected food consumption and requisitioning supplies in a time-efficient manner
• Effectively able to monitor sanitation practices by ensuring that the kitchen areas is kept clean and clean and that waste management practices are followed
• Focused on coordinating food orders efficiently, aimed at supporting timely and efficient delivery of food items to each table

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