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If the last time that you appeared for an interview was some years ago, you will need to relearn everything you know about the interview process.

Things have changed quite drastically where interviews for prep cook position are concerned.

No longer do interviewers ask questions that are directly related to the work that you are supposed to do.

Interview questions are now also aimed at discovering your personality. The more an employer know about the type of person that he is hiring, the better the chances of the interviewee at gaining the job.

The following set of interview questions and answers will help you prepare for your big day:


Prep Cook Interview Questions and Answers


As a prep cook, what have been your responsibilities in the past?
While working as a prep cook, I have been performing duties such as preparing food items for cooking by chopping, cubing and marinating meats and vegetables. In addition to this, I have experience in preparing soups and salads and even preparing main entrees and portioning food items on dishes.

What is your exposure to world cuisines?
The restaurant where I am presently working offers a huge variety of food types including Chinese, Thai, Lebanese, French, Italian and Indian cuisines. I am well-versed in providing assistance in cooking all of these.

If you were given a choice to pick up one, where do your expertise lie?
While I am proficient in all the cuisines I mentioned earlier, I do have a special interest in preparing French food, because I was initially trained as a prep cook in a French restaurant.

If you are given a kitchen to handle for an entire day, would you be able to manage it?
Prepping food items is not the only expertise that I possess. I am also a great manager. I believe that I would be able to handle both the cooking and the administrative end of a busy kitchen because I have seen the whole rigmarole, and have even filled in for the chef a few times.

What would you change in the kitchen where you work right now? And why?
I would change the way excess food is handled, as I believe that there is a lot of wastage that can be prevented.

What other functions apart from food preparing duties have you performed in a prep cook role?
Apart from food preparation, I have handled equipment maintenance work, managed food storage and inventory, overseen waste disposal and cleanliness, and sanitation of all kitchen areas.

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