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Fitting your “life” into one or two pages in a resume is not enough. Resumes need to be accompanied by cover letters as these are valuable when evaluating candidates for a job. But regurgitating a resume is not the purpose of a cover letter – instead, it should be able to complement it. Make your cover letter count by making sure that it outlines your professional competence in the most creative of manners. Anyone can simply write “I am a great fit for your job” but it takes more than just writing it to make a prospective employer believe that you are indeed a good fit.

Some common mistakes that we make when writing a lead line cook cover letter include:

• Failing to address the cover letter to a particular person.
• Making the employer feel that you are in it for just the money, instead of specifying what you can contribute.
• Leaving the ball in the employer’s court by not closing your cover letter properly.
• Being boring and formulaic by writing things that the employer has read a hundred times before.
• Rehashing your resume or failing to specifically tailor your letter to the job for which you are applying.
• Using wimpy language and rambling on to tell your life or career story.

Now that you have all the don’ts of cover letter writing in front of you, you have a chance to write one that is absolutely spot on – like this one:


Lead Line Cook Cover Letter Sample


968 Wellington Street South
Lake Charles, LA 40125

May 20, 2016

Mr. Dennis Bailey
Hiring Manager
The Hilton
1 Texas Road
Lake Charles, LA 45002


Dear Mr. Bailey:

As an individual who has had a wide-ranging experience of working in a busy restaurant kitchen, I qualify to fill the open position of a lead line cook at The Hilton. If you look through my credentials, you will discover that not only have I managed to streamline the “assembly line” angle of cooking in my present position as a lead line cook, but have also managed to implement procedures to minimize food spoilage.

Some of my qualifications that I would like you to focus on include:

• Demonstrated ability to execute menu vision, ensuring consistency and compliance with set recipes, portioning and waste control guidelines.
• Hands-on experience in creating exotically tasting sauces and soups, with special focus on preparing Indonesian, French and Italian entrees.
• Verifiable track record of setting up and implementing standards for food quality control and sanitation by effectively focusing on preparation procedures

I would like to meet with you to discuss my credentials and their application to the needs of The Hilton. I look forward to speaking with you soon and will contact you to decide an appropriate meeting time and date. Until then, I can be reached at (000) 741-1420.



Benjamin Olson

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