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A lead cook is hired by a restaurant to ensure that all kitchen operations such as cooking, food preparation, and supplies inventory and staff management is handled with precision and care. These people are not just cooks – they are managers and supervisors as well. The first thing that employers look at when hiring a lead cook is how well he or she handles kitchen staff, in addition to what he or she knows about cooking different cuisines.

An employer will consider you an eligible candidate for a lead cook position if you have a degree in culinary sciences, and some experience to go with it. If you have worked in a restaurant or hotel capacity before, there is a great chance that you will be considered a top candidate to hire. If you just have a degree yet, you might be hired as an assistant cook so that you can work your way up. The job of a lead cook is not just cooking. He or she also has to manage kitchen staff and oversee food and supplies inventory. As a lead cook, you will basically be in charge of the kitchen and everything and everyone within it. A lead cook has to have leadership skills for this particular reason!

Here is a list of some duties that you will be performing in a lead cook role:

Lead Cook Job Description for Resume

• Work with hotel or restaurant management to create menus according to the specific image of the facility

• Create recipes for a wide variety of cuisines including French, Italian, Persian, Spanish and Indian

• Train assistant and line cooks to prepare and cook food items according to set recipes

• Measure and use the right quantity of ingredients to cook menu items

• Prepare sauces, salads and soups according to established recipes and ensure that they are properly stored

• Perform portioning and garnishing work to ensure aesthetic appeal of each prepared entree

• Ascertain that all prepared items are timely handed over to the serving staff

• Oversee the work of kitchen staff to ensure that all protocols and procedures are being followed

• Ascertain that hygiene and sanitary protocols are being strictly followed and intervene into any instances of rule infringement

• Coordinate the repair and maintenance of kitchen equipment such as grills, fryers and ovens

• Create and maintain liaison with vendors and suppliers to ensure timely and accurate delivery of kitchen supplies and equipment

• Perform and oversee food storage and rotation activities to minimize food spoilage

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