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You can never be sure if your resume will provide the kick that you deserve. After all, competition is fierce and your chances of being hired may be significantly lower than someone who has paid special attention to creating a resume that carefully whets the hiring manager’s appetite. What will you do in such a situation? The best answer to this is give your resume extra flavoring. Your employment success depends highly on how skilled you are in the workplace – if you can guarantee that you are indeed the best choice for a job because you are skilled in all areas that the employer requires, you have nothing to lose.

The skills section in a resume must never be overlooked. When you write a resume, always leave space for this section, as it is your skills that will make things easier for you when the employer sits down to decide if you should be hired or Candidate X! Do not let Candidate X win the race. Dampen his chances by dedicating an entire section on your resume to how skilled you are. Show off a little. Show the hiring manager your worth. Be vocal about your abilities and you can say goodbye to the fear of not fitting in.

To see how this can be done, have a look at the following list of skills for a travel consultant position:

Sample Skills for Travel Consultant Resume

• First-hand experience in developing travel itineraries for clients by determining their travel requirements and budget constraints
• Highly skilled in booking complex multiple leg international itineraries by using preferred vendors
• Exceptionally well-versed in arranging and coordinating travel schedules and ensuring that appropriate reservations are made
• Proven record of efficiently arranging external services such as transportation and extended road travel
• Deeply familiar with preparing customized itineraries to suit clients’ specific preferences
• Highly experienced in modifying existing bookings to suit changes in clients’ circumstances and preferences
• Qualified to use the Global Distribution System (GDS) to make and confirm bookings
• Adept at researching popular holiday destinations and keeping updated about travel industry news
• Proficient in using promotional techniques to sell itinerary tour packages to existing and new clients
• Competent in handling unforeseen circumstances such as flight cancelations and delays and determining eligibility for money returns
• Proven record of booking tickets and accommodation and securing rental transportation from third party vendors, both locally and internationally
• Demonstrated expertise in resolving clients’ issues in a bid to ensure repeat business from them

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