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Job Description

A travel consultant be not be anything less than a best friend if you love travelling, or work at a position where you have no choice but to travel a lot. A travel consultant is the individual who handles all your travel and accommodation needs. Travel consultants work for travel agencies and are primarily responsible for ensuring that clients get the best travel deals out there!

To work as a travel consultant, you may need a simple high school diploma (or a GED) or a bachelor’s degree in travel and tourism, depending on the organization that has hired you. You will need to be an alert and organized individual, who possesses deep insight into the travelling world – specifically where travel arrangements and GDS (Global Distribution Systems) are concerned. You will also need to be especially customer service-oriented as client satisfaction and repeat business will be your main priority.

As a travel consultant, you will be in constant contact with customers, other travel agencies and vendors – not just within your country but on an international level as well. This means that you will need to be a great communicator who has the capability to getting along well with people from all walks of life. Some of your main duties as a travel consultant will include:

Travel Consultant Duties and Responsibilities

• Confer with existing and new clients to determine their travel preferences and provide them with viable options
• Interview clients to determine their budget constraints / limitations and ensure that all solutions are provided within the set budgets
• Provide clients with information on available days /dates for travelling to specific destinations and possible airlines that fall within their budgets
• Arrange for travel schedules to be created based on clients’ preferences to travel and ensure that any problems are communicated to them immediately
• Organize travel from beginning to end, incorporating tickets booking, accommodation and transportation rental services
• Provide clients with information on useful travel material such as guide, maps and event programs
• Ascertain that clients are provided information of fares and process payments for tickets sold
• Advise clients on suitable options for both international and local travel and prepare customized itineraries for corporate clients
• Provide clients with information on visas or entry requirements for destination countries and ensure that they are aware of the political and religious sentiment in each country
• Research destinations to keep up with popular traveling trends, especially for holiday destinations
• Create and maintain records of all clients in a bid to provide them with information regarding tour packages to ensure repeat business

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