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Securing your cover letter a space in the hiring manager’s heart is an art. And not everyone is great at doing this. When you write a cover letter, your focus should be on ensuring that the hiring manager likes it – and gets all that he wants from it. Writing a cover letter is no biggie – writing one that brings results is.

The fact that the beauty consultant cover letter is written specifically to impress a hiring manager is not hidden from anyone. You may have other motives for writing one but what you should concentrate on is impressing the employer so much that he does not think twice before calling you in for an interview. A cover letter that is read and appreciated is one that holds enough information about you that will be useful to the hiring manager. Anything extra or additional can be taken care of later.


Beauty Consultant Cover Letter Sample


654 West Street
Park City, KS 52114

February 11, 2017

Mrs. Chloe Lone
Human Resource Manager
Estee Lauder Spa
65 Broadway Avenue
Park City, KS 12971


Dear Mrs. Lone:

Very few people possess both experience and an inherent interest in their careers – and I strongly believe that people who do possess both, are the most successful. Bringing both 12 years of experience as a beauty consultant, along with an intrinsic ability to maximize beauty and personal care sales within an assigned territory, I am confident that hiring me will be a credit to Estee Lauder Spa.

My talents as a beauty consultant are not limited to selling products only. Over the last decade, I have been actively giving makeovers and providing hair and skin advice to clients looking for alternative ways of making themselves presentable. The reason that I used the word “alternative” has to do with my ability to use contemporary products to create non-contemporary results. This is perhaps best explained in the accompanying portfolio, which will also give you a great idea about my ability to give makeovers “with a difference”.

As far as the administrative end of a beauty counter or store is concerned, I possess demonstrated expertise in handling inventory management work, and display handling. My research skills are quite well-placed, allowing me to identify competitive presences, and keep up with new ranges of makeup and fragrances. I can be reached at (000) 777-7777 if you require any further information regarding my professional existence as a beauty consultant.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I will call you after 6 days to arrange a meeting time.



Helen Mir

Enc: (Resume)

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