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Position Overview

A lead carpenter’s main job is to make sure that all expert carpenters and apprentices work properly in their assigned areas.

In essence, this work is that of a leader, where the lead carpenter is expected to perform oversight and leadership so that a project is completed on time, and according to specified instructions.

Position Requirements

Working as a lead carpenter requires you to possess a high school diploma or a GED equivalent at the very least. If you have received formal training in handling carpentry work, you will be considered a good contender to be hired as a lead carpenter.

Since this work is highly skilled, it is imperative that you possess exceptional knowledge of handling not just the carpentry end of it, but also the supervision part of it. Working as a lead carpenter means that you will be in a constantly leadership mode, providing guidance and instruction on a regular basis. Moreover, this work is considered quite a responsibility, so if something goes wrong, there is a great chance that you will solely be blamed for it – which means that you have to make sure that you work exceptionally well all through.

As a lead carpenter, you will need to be able to understand how to handle operational inventory of necessary tools and equipment, amongst other things. Here is a list of duties that you will be expected to perform:


Lead Carpenter Job Description Example

• Review plans and scope of work, and create cost estimates accordingly

• Review materials lists, and ensure that timelines are adjusted for availability, cost, and time constraints

• Schedule and assign labor, materials and resources, and provide direction and control

• Ascertain that all expert carpenters and apprentices are given the roles that they can excel at

• Oversee project crew members, to ensure proper maintenance, repair, and alteration of structures

• Supervise the carpentry shop and assigned personnel, to ensure that they work well within their specified limitations

• Coordinate carpentry shop work with that of other trades, and assist the supervisor in matters related to carpentry work

• Prepare estimates, reports and requisitions, and coordinate the flow of work orders and maintenance requests

• Validate team members’ work on a constant basis and ensure that they are managed properly

• Analyze construction plans to create timelines and project layouts, according to set instructions

• Fabricate and install wooden structures, according to provided plans and blueprints

• Manage conflict resolution amongst skilled carpenters, ensuring that work downtime is minimized

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