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Writing a Lead Carpenter cover letter when applying for a job is one thing that you cannot get out of.

In fact, it is the single most important thing to do when applying for a job.

But writing a cover letter is not all that easy.

Impressing a hiring manager with your words and phrases can be quite a task, but if you can manage it, the sky is the limit!

As an applicant, it is imperative that you use your words to impress the hiring manager into thinking that you are indeed the best there is out there.

Talking about your skills and accomplishments is important – more so than talking about your experience. Convincing a hiring manager that you are the best bet for a job is imperative, and it can only be done if you use the right words.

To see what a lead carpenter can write in his cover letter, have a look at the following sample:


Lead Carpenter Cover Letter Example


January 17, 2017

Mr. David Mulder
Human Resource Manager
Mosby Building Arts
455 Eastern Avenue
Du Bois, PA 71034


Dear Mr. Mulder:

Leading a team of expert carpenters and apprentices is all in a day’s work for me. With widespread skills in general carpentry, framing, window and door installation, and sunroom installation, I will be an instant hit when hired at Mosby Building Arts.

As a lead carpenter, I have been actively overseeing project crews in carpentry work, required for the maintenance, repair, and alteration of buildings and structures. Furthermore, I have been actively assisting in the supervision of assigned carpentry shops, and personnel, and preparation of estimates, reports, and requisitions. Coordinating the flow of work orders, and maintenance requests is something that I am exceptionally talented in.

Great comprehension of construction methods, and exceptional quality control experience makes me an excellent contender to hire as a lead carpenter at your company. Since I am an expert in supervising the activities of field carpenters, ensuring that their work is done in an exceptional manner, I am often called upon to provide my insight and leadership for complex projects. Also, I am a pro at maintaining an operational inventory of necessary tools, and safety equipment to perform specific activities assigned by production managers, ensuring that all areas and aspects are properly covered.

I am positive that once you have met with me in person, you will also agree that I am the best person to hire as a lead carpenter.




Sean Wayne
(000) 125-4521
Attachment: resume

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